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Steps for Successful Home Building
Our clients often ask how to begin the process of purchasing and building their log home. Listed below are a few items that may assist you.

1. Select a lender (if needed). Apply for a land/home package loan or a construction loan. A lender can pre-qualify you for your loan and set up a construction loan that can be rolled over into a conventional mortgage when your new home is complete. A lender will also help you determine a cost breakdown for your new home. It is very important to establish a budget up front to reduce cost overages and to make sure you stay on track throughout the process.

2. Obtain your land, and have a perk test performed (for septic, if needed). Call your local county health department for more information.

3. Choose your home design. It is important that you choose a plan that is adapted to fit your land as well as your needs.

4. Work closely with your Sales person to ensure that you are receiving exactly what you need from the log home company.

5. Put a down payment on your log home package in order to lock-in prices, and to be put on the schedule for designing of your blueprints. (5% of log package)
      a. Once you have blueprints, pull building permits. Call your local Building Department for more information.
     b. Get bids from the sub-contractors that you plan to use. (i.e. excavator, concrete, plumber, electrician etc...)

6. Schedule a date for your log home package to be delivered. It is best for this date to coincide with the completion of the foundation. (Note: A payment of 45% of the log package contract is due before the materials can be ordered) Verify that completion of your foundation is on schedule. It is important that you keep us up to date on the progress of your land, excavating, foundation etc...so that we remain on track with your scheduled delivery date.

7. Make your final payment on your log home package upon delivery. Receive delivery and start building your log home! (Note: If High Country Log Homes is doing the construction of your new home, the labor payments are scheduled in three installments.) (30% of construction contract to start, 50% due upon 80% of completion and 20% when construction in completed).

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